My Background

I spent three years working as a care worker looking after the sick and elderly. I then transferred to work for a general practitioner in the NHS as a receptionist and worked my way up into management. Working with the public and assisting them when they are sick and vulnerable was very rewarding, and even on long, tough days, it is nice to know I was making a difference. There were so many people I not only helped with their health conditions, but I was someone friendly to talk to and someone to listen to them too. I met so many wonderful people along the way, that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I had my first child and so I stopped working to raise him, but there was always a longing to return to helping people – it has always been a natural part of me.

Becoming A Mentor

I needed to change my own life. I had giving up work for a few years to raise my two kids, and I knew I wanted to get back to helping people, but this time on a much bigger scale. I didn’t want to help just a few people this time, instead I wanted to help millions and do extraordinary things. I know I can do this – it feels like this is my calling. I have set big goals and I want as many people as possible to join me in the Diamond Lifestyle Academy so we can achieve huge things together. My motto is, ‘believe and you will achieve’.

My Vision

I want to help millions of people achieve their goals and I’m determined to make this happen. There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping others. Coming from a health care background, I feel there is something wonderful about helping someone else, no matter how big or small. I aim to help so many people to achieve their goals and live the life they want to live. This brings happiness and freedom, two of the greatest goals in any human being’s life. We all deserve to be happy and free. When you achieve these two things, you know you truly are successful. The more successful I become and those I mentor become, the more people we will all help along the way and in the future. Success is like dominos – there’s a knock on effect.