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Get Mentored by Neerav Vadera (NV) - An
Institutional Forex & Futures Trader With
Over 16 Years Experience. Ex Advisor to
Central Banks & Hedge Funds.

Verified by

You will NEVER succeed using
Retail Trading strategies such as
technical analysis. FACT.

During my time as a professional trader at
Barclays Investment Bank we did the complete
opposite to what I see being taught in Retail.

Right now, are you...

Learning from educators who have spent absolutely
no time in an institutional trading environment such
as a bank?

Placing your entire career in the hands of educators
refusing to show you any independently audited
evidence they trade for a living?

Tired of losing money on retail trading strategies
that are nothing more than random lines?

Become a consistently profitable trader by getting an
institutional trading education

Get access to world class order flow tools used by banks & hedge-funds

Without observing order flow (real buyers and sellers) you’re trading with only half the picture. You may as well be gambling.

Save yourself thousands in losses & years of going round in circles

Break the cycle of trading losses and frustration by learning the right trading techniques.

Receive the identical education I received whilst working at an investment ban.

The G7FX education brings you immediate access to the same instituional education as the world's top traders.

I truly believe anyone can succeed
given the right start and

It doesn’t matter what your background is, or if
you want to do this full or part-time.

Our courses are suitable for traders of all skill
levels. They cover all aspects of the markets, from
the very basics to the most advanced trading
strategies. Get the confidence that comes with
following a proven system.

From: Neerav Vadera (NV)

Thank you for exploring what G7FX has to offer you.

When I left the city to become a private trader, I was shocked at the complete lack of quality trading
education available in the Retail Sector.

Most traditional retail brokers and educators only have one goal: to make as much money from you as
possible, while providing very little - if any - value in return.

This is why a lot of people who have taken retail trading courses in the past fail to make a profitable
career for themselves. The strategies they learnt from the ‘experts’ are the complete opposite of those
used by actual professional traders.

I set up G7FX to change that.

My ultimate vision was to bring you the same training programme offered by the best institutions in the
world. Trading profitably is extremely hard, no doubt, and a lot of people give up before they make a
success of it. However, the rewards for those who persevere and seek out the correct knowledge are huge
- not to mention the growth, confidence, and security that comes from taking control of your income!

I truly believe that if you are serious about trading, you should be offered the exact same opportunity as
the best traders in the world.

My background

I spent five years working on the trading floor at Barclays Investment Bank, one of the largest FX market
traders in the world.

During my time there, we controlled about 10% of the entire global foreign exchange market ($3-5 trillion).
I then went on to work with some of the world’s leading proprietary trading firms.

Since leaving the City, I have been a consistently profitable private trader, trading within many different
markets. I now enjoy working from my home office. Trading has enabled me to provide for myself and
my family while making the choices I want in my life. For this, I’m extremely proud and grateful! I want to
share that same knowledge that I’ve learnt with you through G7FX.

My point is this...

I have received the best training possible from some of the largest institutional firms in the world, and
have a proven track record of successful trading (see FAQs for a link to my 100% independent audit).
This experience is reflected in the value my courses offer.

Verified by

Given my expertise and track record in this field, as well as the incredibly positive feedback from those
who have taken the G7FX courses, I think I have earned the right to say you will not find any training
remotely close to what G7FX offers.

Check out some of G7FX's reviews!

Lou M

World Class Trading Education

After being exposed to the information that NV
teaches, I don't know how anyone could trade
without it. Retail trading education is garbage,
and it only leads to disaster.

This is pro education for serious investors, from
a true professional with a serious track record.
You can't trade with the big league if you don't
have access to this information; period. It is like
fighting with your hands tied behind your back.

NV, thank you for your work, Sir. This is truly the
only way anyone could have a fighting chance in
this business.

Julian K

Do not risk a penny before this course

I rarely write reviews, but this is a very
honourable exception: the further I have
progressed through NV’s exceptional material,
the more I have been confronted with the gulf
that separates his training from anything else out
there accessible to the retail trader. It has not
been easy to admit to myself the idiocy of what I
have been doing for so long (over a decade!), and
how much of my own time and money I have
wasted over the years pursuing fraudulent dead-
ends from retail ‘educators’ with no proven track
record peddling rubbish for their own ends.

This course should be compulsory for anyone
opening a brokerage account, I cannot
recommend the G7FX course highly enough.

Ben O'Reilly

The only trading course you will ever need

As someone who has spent the last few years trying to become a profitable trader, going from retail course to retail course learning the same useless technical analysis tools and indicators over and over again it has been a breath of fresh air learning how the markets really work and how to best identify trading opportunities from doing the G7FX course. The concepts are taught in great detail which makes them easy to understand and apply. For anyone wanting to become a profitable trader my recommendation is to forget everything you have ever learnt in the past and do the G7FX course ASAP. Stop wasting your money buying people’s courses who can’t prove they actually trade for a living with verified results.

Shaun Eyre

Best thing I have ever done

After many years of spending money on many courses which promise you the world I am happy to say I finally found someone who genuinely knows what he's talking about.After only a short time on the course I have learned how the markets really work and this has nothing to do with indicators or strategies. I think NV is probably the only trader I have come across that will publicly share all his trades and hides nothing unlike most out there that cannot prove or back up what they are saying. This course is the best thing I have ever done and I know now with hard work I will get there and cannot thank G7FX enough for everything.

Aryan Kamali

Best thing I have ever done

This course is exceptional. I have probably saved years of going down the wrong path looking at signals and moving averages which I can see now were destined to fail.

I have a background in medicine and I can honestly say that Neerav's course is very well thought out. Its systematic and logical; Neerav makes sure that your trading knowledge is being built on strong foundations. His years of experience really come through as he candidly explains what data professional trading firms are using (not signals) and how they are using it. He guides you step by step through the exact process that professional traders are using.

Zdeněk Pečinka

Live saver..

It's hard to admit, but I've lost FIVE YEARS of my life (and a lot of money) trying all kinds of retail trading courses and nothing I've learned there never took me any closer to becoming profitable..doesn't it look familiar to you?

Please, don't repeat my mistake and save yourself few years..check NV on youtube, look up his results at myfxbook if you still hesitate..but I can promise you that you won't regret giving him a try!

Few minutes of listening to NV was enough to open my eyes..completing his course gave me 1000x better understanding of markets. The cost of the course is nothing compared to the insight you will get..this is best buy ever.

Graham Case

After doing this course I really feel…

After doing this course I really feel embarrassed about all the retail BS I’ve been sucked into over the last two years. I have spend around 15k for retail education and losses from trading the markets like every other retail trader.

I was about to give up and I come across this course, I always had a gut feeling I was being fed rubbish trading all different styles Now what can I tell you about this course, it’s amazing and so interesting and I now look at the market so different. My trading performance has turned around it’s unbelievable. ‍

Thanks NV and the team I am on my way now 😉

Jean Carlo Trombetta H.

Excellent trading course, 100% recommended

This is the first time I see something totally different on trading education, also this guy have audited real accounts with results that I have never seeing before.

The moment you take the course you start to understand why and how price moves, everything starts to make sense, after finished the course I feel more confident and more selective about the situations I would like to trade. I recommend it, will change the way you trade 100%.

Austin Patterson

The Red Pill

I have traded for over 10 years. Continuously failing or breaking even at best. I wasn’t going to give up though and then I came across NV.

Was hesitant at first, but I eventually took the plunge to see what the material was about. That was the best decision I’ve made to date in terms of trading.

The past two trading weeks, I HAVE NOT HAD A LOSING DAY. That’s right, 10/10 on making money in the markets.

His course is the red pill you need to take to get out of the matrix and start seeing the markets for what they actually are. TRUST ME, YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY YOU DID.


Finally! Someone who knows and can prove what they are doing!

Finally!! This is what I have been looking for, I am gaining such a great understanding of the market, instantly know market conditions and can then put a trading plan together for the day according to the type of market we are in. I have now realised what a scam the rest of the forex educator industry is! How can someone trade without knowing the volumes and where those orders are taking place?? I spent four years and thousands of pounds on so called Forex Course only to lose more money in the markets trying to use these made up strategies!! Thank you so much NV for sharing your incredible knowledge straight from an institutional trader WITH an amazing track record.


Foundation Course

(The Pro & Foundation courses are included with your purchase)
Plus Free custom DOM worth £1000+

The G7FX Foundation Course replicates the training you would receive on Day One of working in a
world-class trading firm.

You will be shown from scratch how to read institutional order flow as we strip back the charts and
look at the raw data that drives markets!


Module 1: Your Career Path:
Business Plan

1.1 Intro (16:52)

1.2 Major Players (27:12)

​1.3 Prop Firm (22:29)

​1.4 Futures vs Standard Forex (24:14)

​1.5 Conclusion (06:19)

​1.6 Trading Timetable (07:24)

Module 2: Raw Data:
Time and Sales

2.1 Intro (12:11)

​2.2 T&S (08:46)

​2.3 T&S Live Example (23:35)

2.4 Conclusion (13:05)

Module 3: Why Does
Price Move?

3.1 Intro (22:13)

​3.2 DOM Live Example Part 1 (01:20:48)

3.3 DOM Live Example Part 2 (01:35:37)

Module 4: Foundation Course Summary

4.1 Foundation Course Summary and Next Steps (29:38)

​4.2 Foundation Course Exercises (16:03)

​4.4 Video B) + C) Task 2 + 3 Supply Side Games and Absorption (50:19)

4.5 Video D) Task 4 Intro to AMT and Trading around Profile (45:54)

​4.6 Video D) Task 4 Real DOM Trade Example (1:04:14)

​4.7 Video E) Task 5 Real DOM Trade around FX Discord Levels (1:18:28)

​4.3 Video A) Task 1 Placing Trades (56:45)

Module 5: Sierra Chart Foundation
Course Chartbook and Instructions

5.1 Introduction to Futures Platforms (33:57)

​5.2 Sierra Chart and Chartbook Installation (41:07)

5.3 Sierra Chart Futures Codes Clarification (23:20)

Tools & Downloads

G7FX FOUNDATION DOM (Worth £1000+)

Pro Course

(The Pro & Foundation Courses are included with your purchase)
Plus Free custom Footprint worth £1,250+

After 3 - 6 months at a professional trading firm, you would be introduced to more advanced volume

The G7FX Pro Course follows that same timescale, teaching you the footprint, volume profile and
ultimately the VWAP.


Introduction To The Pro Course

1.1 Introduction To The Pro Course (41:33)

1.2 Reality Check (Compulsory Viewing) (57:00)

Tools & Downloads

G7FX PRO FOOTPRINT (Worth £1250+)

G7FX Trading Firm Hierarchy (PDF)

G7FX Value Expectations Frame work (PDF)

G7FX VWAP Trade Plan (PDF)

G7FX CD Order Flow Table (PDF)

Stage 1: Context (AMT)

1.1 AMT 1 (Intro) (1:48:21)

1.2 AMT 2 (Supply Side Dominance) (1:34:24)

1.3 AMT 3 (Balance vs Imbalance) (1:48:33)

1.4 AMT 4 (Measuring Probability) (2:21:10)

1.5 Market/Volume Profile Part 1 (2:35:26)

1.6 Market/Volume Profile Part 2 (Task 1) (2:37:09)

1.7 Market/Volume Profile Part 3 (Task 2) (3:15:14)

G7FX Stage 1 Profile Chartbook

Stage 2: Hypothesis Building (VWAP & Profile)

2.1 Intro To VWAP (1:45:36)

2.2 VWAP Practical - Part 1 (1:24:11)

2.3 VWAP Practical - Part 2 (Task 3) (1:40:52)

2.4 Static Vs Dynamic Value Part 1 (1:37:21)

2.5 How I Enter & Exit (35:29)

2.6 Static Vs Dynamic Value Part 2 (Task 4) (1:57:17)

2.7 Value Migration & Live Trading Examples (Task 6) (2:28:32) G7FX Stage 2 VWAP AND Profile Chartbook

G7FX Stage 2 VWAP AND Profile Chartbook

Stage 3: Orderflow (Footprint & CD)

3.1 Intro to Cumulative Delta (1:10:08)

3.2 Cumulative Delta Practical (Task 5) (2:10:22)

3.3 Intro to Footprint (7:22)

3.4 Footprint Basics (33:00)

3.5 Further Footprint Example (23:21)

3.6 Time Vs Non Time Based Charts (1:14:05)

3.7 Understanding Delta Stats (1:03:38)

3.8 Installation & What To Look For (50:09)

3.9 Footprint Live Example (1:16:06)

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It's normal to have questions and require support as you progress. With G7FX, you'll have constant
feedback and the opportunity to get your questions answered as soon as possible.


Get exclusive access to the Members Only Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

As far as I know, I am the only institutionally-trained trading educator who can prove with 100% independently-verified stats that I do this for a living.

If that wasn't enough, I also have a 10 year+ record of trading institutionally. I began by working at Barclays, one of the largest investment banks in the world, then went on to work with some of the most profitable proprietary trading firms. I have spent the last 4-5 years trading full-time from my home office.

I noticed how poor the trading education is in the retail sector, and I feel strongly that I should offer those that are serious about making a career in trading a high-quality alternative - namely, the exact same training I received at two globally-renowned firms.

I have little or no trading experience. Will i struggle?

Absolutely not. Virtually every student I have began with very little trading experience. Most had never even heard of the institutional approaches I teach; this is confirmed by many in the multiple 5-star independent Trustpilot reviews G7FX has received.

The courses are split into Foundation and Pro because they cover every aspect of trading, starting with the fundamentals. Even if you have zero prior knowledge, you will be able to understand my lessons easily. Sometimes it's better to approach this with a clean slate!

Do i need to be in front of my screen all day?

Not at all. In a typical day, I trade about two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon - but it's not by any means necessary to trade both sessions. Two hours a day is plenty!

What is important is to be able to check the markets now and again during the period you choose to be active. That doesn't mean staring at the market going up and down. Watch it just enough so you can check on your positions in that period. The rest of the time I highly suggest you spend doing other things, be it your main job or even spending time on other things you enjoy. This will keep you fresh for the next day or next session you decide to trade.

Why can i do thee training, how long do i need to spend on it per day an d do i get any time access to the course?

You can do the training anytime you wish 7 days a week and from any location in the world. The course is provided on a world leading education platform (Thinkific) which is totally independent of my site. You have your own private area with a username and password and can access the material 24/7 fully optimised on a desktop/laptop or mobile phone very easily. This means you can watch the material at any time you want and as many times as you need. Totally unlimited. In fact I actively encourage it.  

Everyone is different but I would suggest about 1-2 hours a day spent training is plenty. There is a lot of information to absorb, albeit in a very digestible format, so take it easy and work at a slow pace. No rush.

do you provide support outside of the course or am i left to my own devices?

As you will note from my 5-star independent Trustpilot feedback I provide some of the best continuing support/customer service in any industry, let alone trading, all for free.

You can reach out at anytime for your questions to be answered related to the course and help will be provided, no matter how small the question.

Finally I have dedicated Members Only support to make sure you get help when you need it if you have any technical issues. All provided free of charge.

which market do you trade?

I trade 3 markets, The S&P 500, Crude Oil and the Pound. It is a broad spectrum covering London and New York trading hours, however I suggest you stick to one or two instruments maximum around what suits you, your lifestyle and your working hours or otherwise.

As forex has very little observable volume/transparency I do highly suggest you trade only markets with observable volume (S&P 500/Crude Oil or similar) whilst you are learning. Professional trading firms operate their training in the exact same way for good reason and it will massively benefit you to do it the same way in the long run.

Do i need to have a bog account to start the course?

No - the opposite, in fact! I am very strict that when you start this professional course, you treat it as a business and empty your broker account (if you have one). The only money you should be trading with throughout the entire course should be simulated. Don't pay for your broker's holidays!

No institutional firm would ever let you use real money until they can be sure you're able to trade profitably.

I take the same approach. Before you start trading in real markets, I want you to develop your skills to the point you know you can succeed with little money spent. That's how any business should be run.

What timescales or style do you trade with?

When trading the S&P 500 and Crude Oil, I very much swing trade the markets, taking larger moves than I do in FX. In FX, I can tend to be more nimble. This is because the observable volume is extremely sparse in FX. I highly recommend all my students learn to swing trade in orderly markets where institutional investors are predominantly active, such as the S&P 500, Crude Oil, or similar.

This is in line with the practices of all professional trading firms, and will be a much more relaxed way for you to trade. It will allow you to take a sizeable part of moves.

Once training is finished, intraday swing trading also allows you to easily fit trading around other commitments.

Are you affiliated with any broker?

Strictly no. No educator or service provider should ever be affiliated with, or earning any commission from, a broker when you trade with them. This sort of behaviour from retail educators really gets under my skin - where is the independence and incentive to act in your best interest?

I have ZERO relationship with any broker you are free to use anyone you wish, including any retail broker you are already set up with.

Can i get access to your MyFXBook independent trading audit?


The trading education industry is full of unqualified trading educators who don’t trade for a living or at the very least show any Verified/Audited Trading Records with a reputable broker to support their credibility.

It's shocking that people are happy to learn from others who show absolutely no evidence they do this for a living and then are surprised when they fail.

G7FX is different. I spent over a year building a 100% Independently Verified Audited Track Record that you can access just Click Here.

MyFXBook is the Gold Standard when it comes to performance auditing and I used IC Markets, one of the biggest brokers in the world to ensure integrity. Finally ALL statistics are fully on display including open orders, open positions and full trading history. You will NOT find that from any other educator in the world.

Please be sure to read the Risk Disclosure first and also  note that the trading records are specific to me ONLY. They have taken many years of hard work to achieve and are in no way representative of what you can achieve. Past performance is also not indicative of future results.

This is NOT a get rich quick career. Whilst your journey can be much shorter than mine by taking the G7FX programme, it will still take a lot of hard work and your results can of course be very different to mine.

However, the point is this should give you great confidence that when I say something in the education I actually know what I am talking about!

i still have question. Can i speak to you directly?

Of course! My team or I are always happy to speak to any potential student. Please send us an email at nv@g7fx.com so we can schedule a call outside of trading hours!